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"Measure twice, cut once."  When you hire Hunter Housing Economics, you are hiring an expert with 35 years' experience in housing market analysis.  Brad Hunter was national director of consulting for Metrostudy, and more recently a managing director at RCLCO, and has advised clients on many hundreds of residential projects nationwide. 


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Today's "V"-Shaped Housing Rebound: June 2020

On The Watch List, June 2020, Brad spoke on this interview about the "V"-shaped recovery in housing.  He also addresses what will happen after the supports are withdrawn.

Predictions From Four Years Back, Realized: Bloomberg News

In 2016-17, Brad Hunter predicted a coming deceleration of home price appreciation, which started to occur in 2018-2019. His current forecast is for flat home prices, even in the wake of the Covid crisis (though the bottom end of the market will feel more pain).

Calling the Last Upturn

In 2009, Brad Hunter advised his builder and land-fund clients to go long on land, particularly land that is in the path of growth. He made this call in 2009, reiterating it in 2011, and updated the discussion in this interview from 2013.

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