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Hunter Housing Economics

   Market Studies and Consulting

Built-for-Rent Single Family: the Strongest Niche in Real Estate

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Followed and Endorsed by Capital Firms in this Sector 

“As the BFR space is emerging, Brad and his team have a unique perspective on product and market segmentation that differentiates them from their peers and is valuable to investors as they make IRR-driven decisions.”

- Margaret Whelan, Whelan Advisory (placed close to $1 billion in capital for BFR so far)

Forbes Article on BFR Strategy 

Brad was asked to contribute an article for Forbes on ways to think about strategy and survival as the field gets more crowded. Click here to read the article. 

Followed in the Media

In this article, Katy Tomasulo discusses WHY built-to-rent is the hottest thing in residential real estate. 

Discussing BFR Strategies

In the webinar clip below by the Housing Innovation Alliance, Brad talked about how even with the huge number of new players coming in, new supply is going to fall short of demand for the next five years. He discusses strategies with two of the larger players in this space. Click below to watch: 

The COVID-19 situation will accelerate the demand for BFR. Much of the surge will come from millennials. There will likely be a tripling of annual demand for built-to-rent and/or single-family units in the next few years.

In this clip, Brad talks about how BFR is a "magnet for money" right now. 

Phoenix:  STILL the Hottest BFR Market

Our Forecast for 2021:  Single-family rents will rise fastest in Phoenix this year, after having also led the nation last year. This market was the incubator for the BFR business, and even with today's level of competition, it is still running hot. Speaking of hot, we also expect large increases in SF rents in Atlanta, the Carolinas, and the Florida markets.

Brad Hunter presented a one-hour long Building Knowledge session, drawing upon our case studies and a wide array of research, and discussing ways to maximize rents and absorption amid an increasingly competitive field. CLICK BELOW for a six-minute clip focusing on ways builders can think about getting involved.

"Built-for-Rent: Single-Family and Townhome Trends and Strategies for Builders and Developers."

Click the Article Below For Our Latest Read on 

Equity Capital Flows Into Built-for-Rent: